Startup Week CHA 2021 Startup Week CHA 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Full Steam Ahead: Meet Steam Logistics!
Malcolm Harris
Malcolm Harris
Steam Logistics, Recruiting Manager

Hosted by Jason Provonsha and Malcolm Harris, this event is to learn more about Steam as we are reshaping transportation logistics, providing end-to-end visibility and custom solutions for every customer. Steam is one of the fastest growing 3PLs in the U.S., delivering integrated logistics solutions across International, Drayage, and Domestic transportation modes. We are diverse group of high-minded individuals, dedicated to continuing to drive our company’s explosive growth and investing in our company’s unique culture.

We are fun, but serious about outcomes. We are quirky, but we get things done. Above all, we are committed to living out our company’s mission and maxims and we want exceptional people to join us on this journey!