Startup Week CHA 2021 Startup Week CHA 2021

EPB Stage at Miller Park

928 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Show Up & Be You
Judy K. Herman
Judy K. Herman
Judy's Professional Services, Thought leader, Inspirational Speaker

Expect any kind of business or personal growth to be met with resistance.  Even though we want support from our loved ones, many times we get the opposite. 

The “Show Up & Be You” (SUBY) talk will show that it’s possible to stop walking on eggshells and live your true life. You’ll learn ways to relieve stress, renew your purpose and feel revived. 

You’ll experience a profound and simple technique that’s transformed hundreds of clients. Practiced on a regular basis you’ll experience ways to: 

1.     Disengage from pressure & stress

2.     Set yourself up for success

3.     Focus your energy on what matters most

4.     Get back on track when you've been derailed

You can get unstuck and stop walking on eggshells. Knowing how to move forward with confidence is possible. You can influence with power & love, without regrets.

Begin the process of living your true life beyond messy relationships. There’s no guarantee that resistance won’t happen. But you have what it takes to move through it and into your purpose.

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How To Get Grants for Your Business
Linda Murray Bullard
Linda Murray Bullard
LSMB Business Solutions, LLC, Chief Business Strategist

This session will teach business owners how to set up for receiving and how to apply for business grants regardless of their business models.