Startup Week CHA 2021 Startup Week CHA 2021

Monday, October 18, 2021

Eat, Sip, Ask – Meet Our Startup Attorneys and Ask Away

Lawyers are people, too! Come join us for light refreshments and the opportunity to ask us your most pressing legal questions – whether related to your investment opportunities, emerging business, or plans for getting started.

Meeting with an attorney should not be scary, nor should it be a hassle. Our Chambliss Startup Group attorneys are dedicated to helping Chattanooga's entrepreneurial community thrive. In this event, we'll briefly share what we do and how you can use us and our partners as a resource. You'll have time to ask us questions as a group or one-on-one. We'll also provide our go-to checklist for startups, covering areas related to company organization, employees and independent contractors, brand and intellectual property identification and protection, contracting, and investments/funding. This event will be casual, so feel free to drop in on either of the two days that fit your schedule best. Whether you're an entrepreneur starting out, an investor looking to expand your portfolio, or your team is doubling in size, we combine our industry and legal experience to provide you with business-minded solutions to help you thrive.