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Lessons from innovators around the world

Alex Lazarow
Cathay Innovation, Partner

Alexandre (Alex) Lazarow has spent his career working at the intersection of investing, innovation, and economic development in the private, public, and social sectors. He is the author of Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs - from Delhi to Detroit - Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley (HBR Press). Alex is a venture capitalist with Cathay Innovation, a global firm that invests across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Previously, Alex worked with Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm that has invested over a billion dollars in hundreds of startups around the world. He has served as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company, a financial regulator with the Bank of Canada, and an M&A investment banker with the Royal Bank of Canada.  

Alex is an adjunct professor specializing in impact investment and entrepreneurship at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He is a Kauffman Fellow, CFA Charterholder, and a Stephen M. Kellen Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.Comm from the University of Manitoba. 

Alex is a regular columnist with Forbes, and his writing has been featured in the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, Fast Company, VentureBeat, Business Insider, and Quartz , among others. He speaks regularly on global innovation trends and has presented at Collision, Endeavor, InsureTech Connect, the Social Innovation Summit, SOCAP, and the Corporate Venture Capital Summit. He is most proud of having once been called a ‘sad, low budget Ryan Reynolds’ on Twitter. 

Bryce Butler
Access Ventures, Managing Director

Globalization of innovation, importance of impact, being a "camel", and ecosystem building are a few topics to be discussed in this fireside chat with impact investor and author of the book "Out Innovate", Alex Lazarow, about "How Global Entrepreneurs from Delhi to Detroit Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley"

The fireside chat will be directed by Bryce Butler, Founder and Managing Director of Access Ventures

"Alex Lazarow has provided us with an up-to-date map of the fast-moving world of innovation: how it works now and where it is headed. Out-Innovate is a must-read for all current and prospective entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and every business leader with a plan to grow."--Bill Draper, cochair and co-founder, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

"Alex Lazarow's incisive and much-needed book tells a story that has long been ignored: Innovation is thriving globally, from Bangalore to Beijing, yet often looks different than in Silicon Valley. The global lessons in Out-Innovate are paramount for entrepreneurs everywhere."--Nandan Nilekani, Nonexecutive Chairman and co-founder, Infosys

"With vivid storytelling, Lazarow describes and defines how innovation occurs on the 'frontier'--nascent urban and rural startup communities in developed countries as well as in emerging markets. A must-read for entrepreneurs and startup-community developers all over the world."--Brad Feld, Partner, Foundry Group; co-founder, Techstars; and author, Startup Communities

"In Out-Innovate, Alex Lazarow provides an outstanding perspective on how startups and entrepreneurs can succeed no matter where they originate--in a mega city like Chicago or a more rural environment like Cedar Rapids."--Penny Pritzker, former United States Secretary of Commerce

"Some of the most exciting venture-investment possibilities over the next decades are sure to come from emerging economies. In Out-Innovate, Alex Lazarow illustrates this immense opportunity in great detail and explains the critical strategies necessary to capture it."--David Vélez, founder and CEO, Nubank

"Out-Innovate proves that frontier entrepreneurs face entirely different challenges than their Silicon Valley peers and that the canon of the Valley should no longer be taken as gospel. This book is a must-read for any entrepreneur building a business and any VC who doesn't want to be left behind."--Linda Rottenberg, co-founder and CEO, Endeavor

"Startups are one of the most important forces for change. But far too many regions have fixated on the Silicon Valley model as the only way to build a startup ecosystem. Out-Innovate takes you on a tour of innovative entrepreneurs and companies around the globe, to provide a guidebook on how to successfully start and scale world-changing businesses wherever you might be."--Chris Yeh, coauthor, Blitzscaling and The Alliance

"Out-Innovate is replete with inspiring and instructive stories of innovation from around the world. Whether in middle America or middle Africa, it's a go-to book for anyone with an idea for starting and scaling a business."--Diana Farrell, president and CEO, JPMorgan Chase Institute"Silicon Valley is a source of inspiration for many tech entrepreneurs around the world, but innovation coming from emerging countries, Africa, and other locales beyond the Valley is now raising the game. In his captivating book, Alex Lazarow vividly describes this changing context and the strategies required to succeed within it."--Sacha Poignonnec, co-founder and co-CEO, Jumia

"This important book articulates rich new models for local and global entrepreneurs looking to engage on those markets' terms. This book could not be more timely."--Christopher Schroeder, author, Startup Rising

"We need to move beyond the Silicon Valley 'playbook' for startup innovation. In this trenchant work, Alex Lazarow shows that there are new principles and practices that apply in quickly changing conditions of scarcity and adversity. In other words, wherever you are."--Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and CEO, Paytm"Lazarow's book will not only inspire you with its global stories of innovation, it will give you real models to follow. Wherever you are, if you have an entrepreneurial idea, you need to read Out-Innovate."--Mudassir Sheikha, co-founder and CEO, Careem

Alex Lazarow has worked at the intersection of investing, innovation, and economic development across the public, private, and social sectors for more than a decade. He is a venture capitalist with Cathay Innovation and was previously with Omidyar Network. He is a Kauffman Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations term member, and an adjunct professor specializing in social-impact investment and entrepreneurship at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of Manitoba.
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