Startup Week Louisville 2021 Startup Week Louisville 2021
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Measure What Matters: Connecting Strategy To Operations & Improvement

Jim Papp
Mindful Metrics, Owner & Principal Consultant

Jim has twenty years’ experience designing and implementing data, measurement, and improvement strategies. These strategies and processes optimize technology, translate data to insights, and inform organizational strategic planning, service-line specific initiatives, research, and ongoing operations. He has built enterprise-wide infrastructure and led processes that drive population health outcomes and improve efficiency. He has worked twelve years in an academic medical setting, collaborating across the care continuum (primary – outpatient – emergency – inpatient) building infrastructure that delivers highly reliable evidence-based care. He is conversant in a broad range of healthcare topics across multiple industries (providers, payors, pharma, technology/analytics) and has served as the measure/improvement “quarterback” bridging operational and clinical personnel. He has worked at the enterprise-level to evolve information systems to collect, analyze, review, and act upon data for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. He is trained in the Model for Improvement, and uses improvement science methodology to monitor progress, inform/test interventions, and achieve aims. He has worked at all organizational levels, ranging from the Board of Directors to C-Suite to operational/clinical leadership. He has served on national and international measurement workgroups, been invited to speak on the topics of measurement and improvement integration, and served as an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati teaching Master’s level Quality in Healthcare and Practice Evaluation.

Measure what matters - learn - improve....repeat.

What important lessons about measurement and improvement can we take away from the movie Moneyball? Stop in to find out. Join for an interactive session focused on measurement as foundational to innovation and success. We'll explore basic decision models, the translation of data to information, and the practical application of these concepts and methods using case studies and industry examples.