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Future of STEM education.

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Sidharth Srinivasan
TrashBots, Co-Founder

Sidharth has taught STEM to 1000s of kids in the US and underprovided communities and has been the lead programmer for high school robotics teams. At Trashbots, he is the lead programmer and heads content creation. He is taking a gap year from Stanford.

Rohit Srinivasan
TrashBots, Co-Founder

Rohit is currently a Junior at the University of Texas studying Mech Eng. and in the Plan II honors program and is a published researcher in 3D printing. At Trashbots, he drives HW design, supply chain, and BD. Rohit is also a TEDx speaker.

As the world continues to be inundated by the Covid19 pandemic, we face an unpredictable future for our educational landscape. Trashbots’ unique resources offer the flexibility and accessibility needed for STEM education everywhere. A kit, a platform and a community, Trashbots provides students a low-cost solution to learning robotics and coding regardless of the location or format.