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Impact Entrepreneurship: A Different Way of Doing Business.

- EST 20
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Kasem Mohsen
Bustelo Solutions, CEO

Kasem is a multi-exited entrepreneur, ethical disruptor, impact investor and equity advocate. Teams he's worked with have reduced medical and clinical error in over 100 countries, decreased the water and carbon footprint in agriculture, streamlined and rationalized the training provided to our most at-risk soldiers and sailors, and advanced the fight against infectious disease throughout the world. He is now dedicated to building equitable funding and support systems for underestimated entrepreneurs, especially those focused on improving the metrics of health, happiness and empowerment.

Building an impact-focused venture requires a different kind of business approach than most traditional startups. Entrepreneurs need to enter the ideation process from a different perspective at the beginning stages of their solution or business to be prepared to face the specific challenges that may stand in their way. In this talk, multi-exited impact entrepreneur Kasem Mohsen will discuss three strategic differences between starting a normal venture and an impact venture.