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Intro to Euphoric Ideation

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Halle Prentice
Prototopics, Director of Ideation & Content

Halle got her first real taste of non-conventional education opportunities as a Tedx Speaker at the young age of 20. From there, her passion for connecting and communicating powerful ideas took root. She moved quickly into workshop-style education with Prototopics LLC, privately teaching school boards, executive teams, cohorts of national service volunteers, families, and more.

As the Director of Ideation & Content at Prototopics, Halle has designed & delivered more than a dozen content-rich workshops on innovative thought systems, topics including but not limited to: Blue Ocean Strategy, Rapid Prototyping, Effective Brainstorming, Leveraging the Lean Model Canvas, and Culture Shifting. She has since moved on to an individual consulting practice, exclusively teaching from what she calls "The Principles of Euphoric Ideation". She specializes in Idea Generation, Idea Preservation, Idea Valuation, and Idea Development, and continues to pursue opportunities to make the average person find their own creative potential more approachable.

Most of us have strained relationships with our ideas. We know the importance of great ideas, but don't find the processes of generating, preserving, valuing or developing our ideas to be enjoyable. In this "Intro to Euphoric Ideation" workshop, Ideation Coach Halle Pre will teach you the first few principles and frameworks of what she calls "Euphoric Ideation". These strategies are designed to help you find your own creative potential not only approachable, but addicting.