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Virtually Creating Your Trifecta Tribe: Mentors, Peers & Mentees

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Michelle Y. Talbert
Her Power Space

Michelle Y. Talbert is a recovering attorney and relationship marketer who uses digital and social media to provide tools and resources such as podcasts, videos, live events, and written publications to empower women in business.

She has written for major publications and is a sought-after presenter and speaker on topics related to relationship marketing and networking in business. She is an expert tribe builder and has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post and other major publications.

After attending community college part-time for 10 years, while working as a secretary by day as a divorced single mom, she transferred to Cornell University and then went on to receive her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a Business Certificate from Wharton. Michelle left the full-time practice of law in 2012 to explore all things blog, podcast and social media-related.

In January 2020 Michelle opened the doors to Her Power Space, a Woman forward, Men welcoming™ hospitality-driven coworking space, business event venue and podcast studio near Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Michelle is a regular SCORE Broward workshop presenter, as well as the designated Women’s Empowerment 360 women’s entrepreneurship program facilitator for the YWCA South Florida, currently teaching her third cohort of the program and committed to teach three additional cohorts in 2021.

In spring 2020, in response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the small business community, Michelle launched the No Small Business Left Behind [Virtual] Summit series as a resource for business owners to get information, resources and forge connections with others to ensure their survival. The Summit has expanded to monthly Unvendor Fairs showcasing local women-owned businesses both at Her Power Space and simultaneously broadcast online in a virtual shopping experience. Michelle believes that #weallwin and has dedicated her career to the advancement of women in business.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for success that entrepreneurs are adept at creating and nurturing BOTH online and offline relationships.

In this highly engaging and interactive workshop attendees will walk away with the tools necessary to set their intentions and goals with regard to their professional networks--using multiple strategies and techniques.

The overarching ethos is that when one of us wins #WeAllWin. This is a workshop for achieving success through building authentic and diverse connections.

Often, while working toward our goals and climbing the ladder of success, we focus on those ahead of us--those men and women who have achieved that to which we aspire. However, that focus is incomplete AND may even impede our success.

True success lies in our ability to add value and requires that we identify peers with whom we may knowledge share and support AND mentees, those on the path behind us, who may benefit from our knowledge.

This workshop will help attendees create an ecosystem of mentees, peers and mentors where value is added, even by those who are not as far along in their journey, but have life experience, technical skills and perspective that can serve as a great value to us, as the mentor.

Michelle will walk attendees through how to leverage social media and live/in-person events with the use of real-world examples to achieve the following:

A plan of action to use social media to create and nurture connections, while simultaneously receiving tools necessary to excel in relationship development in-person.