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Friday, November 20, 2020

Re-Designing How You do Business: Covid-19 Edition.
Dr. Wanda Eugene
Dr. Wanda Eugene
UF- Computing and Society Engagement (CASE), Executive Director

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically impacted our lives and how we do business. Design Thinking is a strategic problem-solving approach which offers guidance on identifying the needs of potential clients/customers and uncovering the right problem for your team to tackle. It also provides a reliable pathway to discover the best solutions. In this interactive workshop we will step through an abbreviated design thinking process, and support you in understanding how it can help you and your organization rethink the products, services, and the complex challenges your business face in doing business during these uncertain times.

At the conclusion of this workshop you will know how to:

•Describe the benefits of Design Thinking

•Apply simple, actionable tools and processes for each phase of the design process that you can implement immediately

•Use design thinking for innovative outcomes

•Integrate design thinking into your business, your work with audience, and work within an organization