Techstars Edmonton Startup Week 2021 Techstars Edmonton Startup Week 2021

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fireside chat with Arden Tse: Insights into how VCs strategically think about product-market fit for early-stage startups with Hassar Consulting Group Inc.
Sam Hassar
Sam Hassar
Hassar Consulting Group Inc., Founder & CEO
Arden Tse
Arden Tse
Yaletown Partners, Investment Manager

Early-stage startups put in the time and sweat to find and demonstrate product-market fit. Demonstrating it is crucial, especially when you are seeking investment money. And yes, you might say, I need to hit this MRR number, or % monthly growth, etc. Investors know well, that early-stage startups don’t have enough data to make a strong case, but what does that mean for you? 

  • What does product-market fit mean for an early-stage startup? 
  • How do you demonstrate that your product solves a worthy problem for which enough customers want to pay? 
  • What evidence do you provide to make the case, data and beyond, especially when the numbers are not quite there? 

In this fireside chat with Arden Tse, we get insights into how VCs think about and assess product-market fit in early-stage startups. We’ll go beyond metrics. 

Three key takeaways from this session include: 

  1. Learn practical insights to help you make your case for product-market fit 
  2. Discover actionable strategies to incorporate in your next conversation with a VC 
  3. Uncover top mistakes to avoid when you want to demonstrate product-market fit to a VC

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How to Grow a Startup Using Partnerships with Senkow Ventures Inc
Clinton Senkow
Clinton Senkow
Senkow Ventures, Managing Director

This session will touch on how you can, as an early-stage company, leverage someone else's audience or customers to promote and grow your business. Partnerships aren't just for the well-funded startups or billion-dollar unicorns, they are for all businesses. You will leave this session with a game plan and hit-list of possible partners you can collaborate with to grow your business faster and stronger, together.

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


How to get the attention of a VC with Panache Ventures

Join us for the chance to learn how to get the attention of a venture capitalist! 

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Recruiting 101 - Attracting Top Talent with Jobs Alberta
Jason Byrne
Jason Byrne
Jobs Alberta, President

Win the war on talent. Insider tips on how to attract and retain great people.

Launch Party 12 🚀🚀🚀 Sponsored by Parlee McLaws

Join us online for the twelfth annual edition of Launch Party! 🚀🚀🚀

Launch Party is Startup Week’s flagship event that celebrates and showcases the hottest startups in town on Thursday, October 21, 2021. 

Launch Party showcases our city's brightest entrepreneurs, their tech-enabled products and celebrates everything that our startup community has to offer. Since 2010, more than 100 technology, Edmonton-based, companies have launched products at the event, including rapidly growing teams like Jobber, Drivewyze, Vertical City,, and Showbie.

Thank You To Our Selection Committee 👏


If Remo is full at any point in the night, you can head to our Youtube broadcast of the formal program. Once the program is done, try again to get into Remo (through the "Join Stream" button at the top of this event) as we expect there will be additional room following the event. 

Launch Party 12 is made possible thanks to the generous support of Parlee McLaws.OUjFLonyLvKrdRb9OBmuYMpU4vwAWF0dHiM37sVX.png

Friday, October 22, 2021

Forward, Faster, Free- how the ERIN Coach Program can help founders flourish with Innovate Edmonton

Do you have a project or startup that needs expert help to move forward? Hear from founders and advisors in the ERIN Coach program to learn how to move your project forward, faster, for free.

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


Open House and Networking with Health and Life Science Companies at the Hub

Discover the Health Hub & Accelerator and learn about the diverse group of startups and scaleups in our community. Meet and network with the health and life-science companies, dynamic group of founders, and employees who have called us their second home. And, find out how you can take advantage of the whole gamut of resources that we provide at no cost—from a spacious office and lab space, to cutting-edge equipment for product development, to customized support and services from a dedicated team of subject matter experts—by becoming a member of our Hub! Come and meet our team of business professionals and let us walk you through a virtual tour of our HUGE space in Enterprise Square (literally on top of Bay Enterprise Square LRT Station).