Techstars Edmonton Startup Week 2021 Techstars Edmonton Startup Week 2021

Monday, October 18, 2021

Building a Company in an Emerging Industry with Token Naturals
Keenan Pascal
Keenan Pascal
Token Naturals, CEO
Adam O'Brien
Adam O'Brien
Bitcoin Well, CEO

This session will discuss the unique challenges of building a company in new and emerging markets in a panel discussion, followed by a Q+A period. 

Panelists include: 

  • Keenan Pascal, CEO of Token Naturals
  • Danny Motyka, CEO of Psygen Labs
  • Adam O'Brien, CEO of Bitcoin Well

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


Startup Week Kickoff 🎉 Sponsored by the Downtown Business Association and Communauto
Startup Edmonton
Startup Edmonton
Startup Edmonton

Monday. Noon. It's kick off time. 🎉

Edmonton Startup Week kicks off Monday, October 18th from noon-2pm,  and we’re planning something extra special. Trust us, you won't want to miss it!

Here's a handy list of your Startup Week kickoff essentials: 

✅ Follow us on social media @startupedmonton on Instagram and Twitter #yegsw21 so you can be the first to discover where your Startup Week freebies are located, and what you're getting. 👀 In case you missed it, check out these clues we shared on Friday and keep your eyes peeled for more hints around noon on Monday!

✅ Be in downtown Edmonton just before noon so you’ll be nearby your favorite coffee, lunch, and bar spots, ready to grab your free sips and snacks, and swag bag worth over $75! Freebies and swag bag quantities are limited, so get yours before they’re gone!

✅ Use the special password 'STARTUP WEEK' once you get to each kickoff location. You’ll need to share the password with staff to get your freebie.

✅ Don't be a stranger! At each kickoff location, Innovate Edmonton and Startup Edmonton staff will be on-site with smiling (and masked!) faces to greet you and provide your swag bag, while quantities last. We can't wait to meet you!

✅ Wear a mask and bring your proof of vaccination. Please keep in mind that many of the kickoff locations have adopted the Government of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program (REP), which means proof of vaccination may be required upon entry.

✅ Get social! There are plenty of social sharing options on our platform, so be sure to share your Edmonton Startup Week experience on Twitter and Instagram using #yegsw21, and let everyone know you're attending

We can't wait to see you tomorrow to ring in #yegsw21!

Startup Week's Kick Off is made possible thanks to the support of Edmonton's Downtown Business Association and Communauto.

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Business Model 101 with Startup Edmonton
Startup Edmonton
Startup Edmonton
Startup Edmonton

Popularity: 🔥

Come in with an idea for a business/product/project and leave with clear next steps to move your idea forward.

In our most popular workshop, we'll introduce you to the Lean Canvas—a tool used by entrepreneurs around the world. Spots will fill fast!

Startup Edmonton's fantastic facilitators will cover: How to use the Lean Canvas, who your customer is, different sales models and pricing, and how to define your unique value.  

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


TikTok was a clock's sound. Unlocking social media for your startup/brand/or passion without followers with Startup Edmonton
Nevin deMilliano
Nevin deMilliano
Innovate Edmonton, Content Strategist

The conversations around your brand/product/passion are happening right now, live, around the world. In this session, we’re diving into social media and how you (or your team/brand) can cut through the noise and create real value without a massive following.

📲No prior social media experience is required. 

👉We’ll discuss strategies, tactics and tools you can use right now to harness the powerful conversations and insights on social. 

💫 If you’re wondering "would anyone want to buy my idea/solution/product…" here’s how to find those conversations.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Market Research and Competitive Analysis with the Mawji Centre at NAIT
Garrett Fleck
Garrett Fleck
Reputed Marketing Inc., Founder

Register in advance at 

Market Research is the way to gather information about customer needs and market drivers. If you want to gather information from actual customers or potential customers to make a decision, then you need to understand and use market research. Competitive analysis is a subset of market research. When you investigate your competition or potential competition, you use market research techniques and concepts to understand what your competition is doing today and gain insights into their plans for tomorrow. 

Garrett Fleck is one of the Mawji Centre’s valued Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. He is the founder of Reputed Digital Marketing Inc. At Reputed, their vision is to help businesses realize the full potential of the internet, to drive a new evolution of development, growth, and productivity.

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


WTF is Bitcoin with Bitcoin Well
Benny Sarnelli
Benny Sarnelli
Bitcoin Well, Customer Success Leader

Curious about Bitcoin and how it works? 

Attend our presentation where you will learn the basics about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. During this session, we’ll be answering all of your bitcoin-related questions, including: 

  • What is Bitcoin? 
  • Why was it created? 
  • How is Bitcoin's value determined? 
  • How does Blockchain work? 
  • How can you use and access Bitcoin? 

Bring all your questions you have about bitcoin! (There will be lots of opportunities for Q&A).

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How to Grow a Startup Using Partnerships with Senkow Ventures Inc
Clinton Senkow
Clinton Senkow
Senkow Ventures, Managing Director

This session will touch on how you can, as an early-stage company, leverage someone else's audience or customers to promote and grow your business. Partnerships aren't just for the well-funded startups or billion-dollar unicorns, they are for all businesses. You will leave this session with a game plan and hit-list of possible partners you can collaborate with to grow your business faster and stronger, together.

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.


Job Mixer + Company Meet and Greet Sponsored by Jobber

Log on and check out the local startup scene! Edmonton startups are growing and need great teams to help build innovative products that solve problems worldwide. Learn more about job opportunities available now and get to know what kind of skills they will be looking for in the future.

This job mixer is open to anyone curious about opportunities at growing tech-enabled companies - students from all programs of study and schools, recent grads, people on the job search and more.

Join at any time during the two-hour event, and stay as long or short as you'd like.

Companies include:

  • Neo Financial
  • Jobber
  • Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO)
  • Harvest Builders
  • Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii)
  • Bitcoin Well Inc.
  • Drugbank
  • AltaML
  • PainWorth
  • samdesk
  • Betable
  • QuoteToMe
  • DevFacto Technologies
  • Parlee McLaws LLP
  • Jobs Alberta
  • Drivewyze
  • Intuit
  • Fly & Fetch

The Job Mixer is made possible thanks to the generous support of Jobber


Why Inclusion Matters and How You Can be an Active Participant in Change - a practical guide to owning your own equity, diversity, and inclusion journey in a time of heightened social consciousness with Erin Davis Co.
Erin Davis
Erin Davis
Erin Davis Co., Founder & Lead Inclusion Strategist

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) have become part of our mainstream dialogue, whether you are hearing the topic come up at the boardroom table, or over coffee with a fellow entrepreneur -- we’ve moved into a time when understanding how you can help build a more inclusive world matters. 

Erin can help you on your journey to understand why EDI matters in your business, how you can be an active participant in forming more inclusive solutions and showcase why inclusive workplaces matter.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

How can we make innovation more inclusive with Startup Edmonton
Skye Kihara
Skye Kihara
Black Business Ventures Association, Operations & Community Manager

How can we ensure underrepresented potential founders pursue entrepreneurship? The question of what prevents these potential founders from succeeding as entrepreneurs is of vital importance to not only the innovation ecosystem but our economy and society as a whole.  

What are the barriers and what are the crucial next steps?

Join us for a discussion on inclusive innovation.

This event is made possible thanks to the generous support of Parlee McLaws.


Launch Party 12 🚀🚀🚀 Sponsored by Parlee McLaws

Join us online for the twelfth annual edition of Launch Party! 🚀🚀🚀

Launch Party is Startup Week’s flagship event that celebrates and showcases the hottest startups in town on Thursday, October 21, 2021. 

Launch Party showcases our city's brightest entrepreneurs, their tech-enabled products and celebrates everything that our startup community has to offer. Since 2010, more than 100 technology, Edmonton-based, companies have launched products at the event, including rapidly growing teams like Jobber, Drivewyze, Vertical City,, and Showbie.

Thank You To Our Selection Committee 👏


If Remo is full at any point in the night, you can head to our Youtube broadcast of the formal program. Once the program is done, try again to get into Remo (through the "Join Stream" button at the top of this event) as we expect there will be additional room following the event. 

Launch Party 12 is made possible thanks to the generous support of Parlee McLaws.OUjFLonyLvKrdRb9OBmuYMpU4vwAWF0dHiM37sVX.png