Techstars Edmonton Startup Week 2021 Techstars Edmonton Startup Week 2021

Mawji Centre WebEx

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Market Research and Competitive Analysis with the Mawji Centre at NAIT
Garrett Fleck
Garrett Fleck
Reputed Marketing Inc., Founder

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Market Research is the way to gather information about customer needs and market drivers. If you want to gather information from actual customers or potential customers to make a decision, then you need to understand and use market research. Competitive analysis is a subset of market research. When you investigate your competition or potential competition, you use market research techniques and concepts to understand what your competition is doing today and gain insights into their plans for tomorrow. 

Garrett Fleck is one of the Mawji Centre’s valued Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. He is the founder of Reputed Digital Marketing Inc. At Reputed, their vision is to help businesses realize the full potential of the internet, to drive a new evolution of development, growth, and productivity.

Thank you to DrugBank for sponsoring the Entrepreneurship track as part of Edmonton Startup Week.