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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Weekly Chat for Dev Edmontonians
Chris C
Chris C
Saturday Morning Productions, Software Consultant

A casual virtual weekly chat that is open to everyone and anyone. A place to ask questions, hear different viewpoints, and, most importantly, get to know your fellow Dev Edmontonians and developers from around the world.

Every week there is a new initial software development topic to get the conversation started.  For startup week the initial topic communities, both online and in-person.  What do you think makes a good community?  A bad community?  If you have built a community what lessons did you learn?

Speaking of communities you can find the Weekly Chat community online at the #meetup-weekly-chat channel on the Dev Edmonton Slack:

And also on Meetup:

Weekly Chat is every Tuesday at 12pm MDT.  Hope to see you for the Startup Week chat and also future chats.