Breakout Session A: Presence and Agency in the Metaverse


Louisa Spring
Sam Immersive, CEO

Ms. Spring is an accomplished XR executive facilitating strategic partnerships in XR, gaming and the metaverse  Entrepreneur, gamer, lawyer, producer, she is an expert in 5GXR as a consultant to T-Mobile. She has facilitated many XR deals including Intel, La Liga NFL, Toyota, Hershey and Walmart with Spatialand which resulted in a successful acquisition. This was Ms. Spring's sole deal.

As a TV producer Ms. Spring has worked with Far Moor, (successfully acquired by Endemol), and William J. Macdonald, (Rome) as well as representing Sir Roger Moore, John Rhys-Davies and Christopher Judge. She's a former member of the board of BAFTALA, and practiced law in London.

Stephanie Llamas
VoxPop, Founder and Chief Analyst

Stephanie Llamas is an analyst and veteran expert in the XR and games industries with over a decade of experience. She is a pioneering analyst, providing market intelligence on the current generation of immersive and playable technology. As the third hire at SuperData, she led the firm to become the gold standard in XR and games research and was instrumental in its acquisition by Nielsen. She was Nielsen’s head of XR and games research and strategy before starting VoxPop.

A thought leader and speaker, Stephanie regularly provides insights for leading outlets and events such as Forbes, WSJ, The New York Times, CES and SxSW. She is also a contributing author for the XR books "Charlie Fink's Metaverse" and “Convergence: How the World will be Painted with Data”.

Stephanie was born in Colombia and has lived across the United States. Although a New Yorker at heart, Stephanie now lives in Louisville, KY with her husband Carlos, son Andres and pets Yuna the dog and Emma the cat.

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix
Killer Snails, CEO & Co-founder

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix, CEO & Co-Founder of Killer Snails, has worked in K-12 education since 2003. Ochoa Hendrix was awarded the 2019 TED Residency, an in-house incubator within TED for breakthrough ideas and gave a TED talk on incorporating Virtual Reality into the classroom. With Small Business Innovation Research funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and the Institute of Educational Sciences, Killer Snails has launched seven award-winning products to date. Prior to co-founding Killer Snails, she worked as an educational consultant whose clients included Relay Graduate School of Education and the Charter Network Accelerator. Previously, she worked for Uncommon Schools as the Director of Organizational Learning. Ochoa Hendrix received her MBA from Columbia Business School and was awarded the Board of Overseers Fellowship, and the Nathan Gantcher Prize for Social Enterprise. Prior to business school, she worked in marketing for the Harvard Business Review and The Economist, and taught for four years for The Princeton Review. She holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and serves as a member of the World Economic Forum's Expert Network in Future of Education, Gender and Work, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Entrepreneurship.

Virtual worlds can create spaces for genuine and fulfilling interaction, but how much agency can users have while maintaining a safe space for engagement? Feelings of safety can be compromised when bad actors are given free reign. However, freedom is vital to creating a feeling of true presence. This roundtable will explore the role of presence and agency in VR, and the trade-offs developers and users need to make to create a safe metaverse for everyone.