Finding Your Place and Your Meaning in the Metaverse


Benjamin Charbit
Darewise Entertainment, Co-Founder

Benjamin Charbit is the co-founder of Darewise Entertainment, a Paris-based video game and entertainment studio focused on the creation of massive persistent virtual worlds in the decentralized world. Before Darewise, Benjamin led Strategic Planning for online games and held the Monetization and Game Director roles at Ubisoft where he contributed to successful AAA titlessuch as Assassin's Creed or TheDivision. Benjamin began his career as an Investment Banker before following his passion for video games and the metaverse. Benjamin graduated in Economics and Finance from The University of Chicago and Paris Dauphine.

Dean Takahashi
GamesBeat, Lead Writer

Not everybody can be the hero. When you move into the metaverse, you’ll want to find something to do. These worlds will need farmers or blacksmiths. How can we make role-playing fun in a vast world, without bringing the doldrums of the real world to online life. And how can we make a living doing it?