Harnessing Cross-Play across Instant Games


Andrew Mo
Meta, Product Lead

Andrew Mo is the Play Product Lead supporting Facebook Gaming’s investments in Instant / Cloud Games and Gaming Services. Previously, Andrew was a product manager at Oculus and worked on the system user experiences for the Quest & Go headsets. Before joining Facebook in 2016, Andrew spent 6+ years in the games industry as an executive producer and studio GM for Playfish/EA and the co-founder/CEO of a mobile games studio.

Jens Abke
LOTUM, Co-founder & CEO

Jens is co-founder & CEO of Lotum – a developer and publisher of hyper-social games based in Germany. He had a front row seat at the emergence of social gaming platforms like Facebook Instant Games and has been in close collaboration with the Facebook Gaming team ever since the platform’s closed beta in 2017.

Hear how Lotum utilized Facebook Gaming Cross-Play as a complementary extension of their native apps to boost user acquisition and social engagement.