How Blockchain Gaming Will Go Mainstream


Jerome Collin
SuperTeam Games, CEO
Kuleen Nimkar
Solana Labs

Kuleen is a life-long gamer who currently spearheads gaming at Solana Labs. His focus is on working with game studios small and large to launch awesome web3 games on the Solana blockchain. He previously worked in both the tech and finance worlds, at the food delivery giant DoorDash and the quantitative hedge fund Two Sigma Investments.

Chris Akhavan
Forte, Chief Business Officer

Investment into blockchain games has been immense. But to critics, questions remain as to whether this new frontier of gaming can truly become an industry stalwart. In this session, leaders from blockchain, investment, and gaming will discuss why so much money is flowing into blockchain games. You'll learn what it takes to build titles that are immersive, fun, and capable of supporting sustainable economies that provide real value in-game and out. How companies should approach NFTs, interoperability, and the greater blockchain ecosystem. And, of course, what paths blockchain games could take to enter the mainstream.