The Ethics of the Metaverse


Kent Bye
Voices of VR
Micaela Mantegna
Harvard University, Berkman Klein Center Affiliate

Abogamer. Lawyer with specialization in video games, copyright, and artificial intelligence. Speaker. Video game policy, ethics, XR and Metaverse governance scholar, affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University.

Founder of Women In Games Argentina. Ambassador for Women in Games International (WIGJ). "Outstanding Individual Ambassador of the Year" at the Women in Games Global Awards 2021, and a GamesIndustry 2021 GameChanger.

Podcaster and founder of Geekylegal, an outreach initiative on law and tech policy learning, through pop culture.

Author of the book "ARTficial: creativity, artificial intelligence and copyright" (forthcoming). 

Jules Urbach
Otoy, CEO
Kate Edwards
Geogrify, CEO

Among all the aspects of the forthcoming metaverse that are often discussed - from the technology and interoperability issues to the business and economic promises - one of the more fundamental and perhaps least addressed is the nature of ethics in the metaverse. With any convergence of people - real or virtual - comes the challenge of navigating diverse worldviews and perceptions of "rightness" that will require a common ethical foundation for long-term success. Join this critical conversation that explores how ethics will affect and be  affected by the metaverse.