Why Traditional Advertising Won’t Work in the Metaverse


Samuel Huber
Admix, Founder & CEO
Michael Liu
Carat, SVP, Head of Innovation
Doug Rosen
Nickelodeon / ViacomCBS, SVP, Strategy, Business Development & Digital Products

Doug Rosen is Senior Vice President, Strategy, Business Development and Digital Products at Nickelodeon / ViacomCBS. In this role he’s responsible for driving the growth of Nickelodeon’s core and emerging businesses through new revenue lines and partnerships. He also oversees Nickelodeon’s global games team across all platforms as well as podcasting/spoken audio and other emerging digital businesses.

Dean Takahashi
GamesBeat, Lead Writer

In the metaverse, traditional advertising just won’t work. With a multitude of options for making money from content, advertising as we know it will go from creators’ primary income to an additional revenue stream. But as audiences and eyeballs gravitate towards the metaverse, brands can’t afford to be left on the sidelines. On top of that, the metaverse won’t draw mainstream audiences without the brands and their engaging content. So what can they do? Brands need to quickly adapt to being present in virtual worlds. They will need to work with passionate creator communities to deliver seamless and engaging virtual world content, which is both meaningful and adds value for creators and audiences alike. This Admix hosted panel will discuss how brands can take their first bold steps into new worlds of opportunity.