The Balance between New Players and Loyal Fans


Laura Keren
Playtika, VP Marketing

Laura Keren is the VP of Global Marketing at Playtika, Israel’s leading gaming company. As the company’s lead marketer, her extensive international experience, in depth knowledge of marketing strategies and brand building has contributed to the success of the company’s game portfolio. Laura led and built Playtika’s brand and strategy department, while leveraging her consumer insight knowledge to the gaming industry. The results were offline campaigns featuring celebrity talents, that directly impacted Playtika’s marketing strategy and business goals. Prior to serving as VP of Global Marketing, Mrs. Keren served as Marketing Director at Unilever.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Business Management and Communication from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Peleg Israeli
Meta, Director of Global Gaming, Creative Shop

Peleg is an executive with over 14 years of global experience in Gaming, Advertising & Creative Technologies. Throughout his career, Peleg has demonstrated expertise in growing companies, building teams and forming strong relationships within complex, dynamic, & hyper-competitive environments across a wide spectrum of organizations, ranging from innovative start ups to large organizations. Peleg is extremely passionate about driving growth in the Gaming industry, through future forward creative solutions powered by innovative technology.

Many would argue that most video game ads are forgettable. Given the ever-growing number of gamers out there, and increasing competition to stand out from the pack, more and more gaming companies are moving away from ‘the way it’s always been done to a new way of thinking. Gain insights into why Playtika is approaching things differently and how that’s ultimately helped them reach new players as well as build loyalty among existing ones.