The Social Impact of Games: Virtual Roundtable


Simay Dinc
Recontact Games, Co-founder

*Game Producer / Co-founder of Recontact Games - (It’s a unique combination of cinema and video games into a new art form through pioneering technologies.) *Founder of Women in Games TR- (Empowering Women in Gaming Industry-NGO) *Co-founder of KıraARThane-(Impact Project-NGO-Creative Hub for Creative Industries in an old town village) *Founder of C.A.T.S. of Small Village-(NGO-Impact project aims to raise awareness of sustainable development goals through Gaming Industry. Project aims to reach village children in rural areas and towns who don’t have opportunity to meet new professions of the future)

Susanna Pollack
Games for Change, President

As President of Games for Change (G4C), Susanna leads the organization best known for the annual Games for Change Festival, dubbed by national media as “the Sundance of video games.” Under Susanna's leadership, G4C has significantly expanded its programs and impact—including G4C Learn, a portfolio of education initiatives that empower the next generation of game-changers to drive real-world impact through games. The G4C Student Challenge, the flagship learning program that she developed with the NYC Department of Education in 2013, has grown to reach 10,000 students each year across seven partner cities. In 2017, she launched the XR for Change initiative to build a community of practice around radical new ways to improve lives using emerging immersive technologies.

Susanna has initiated dozens of other G4C programs in partnership with clients like American Express, Verizon, AARP, United Nations, Epic Games, Carnegie Foundation, Autodesk, and Ad Council. As an Executive Producer, she spearheads G4C's impact media projects, connecting award-winning creators with mission-oriented organizations. Prior to Games for Change, Susanna worked across the commercial and public sectors, including a 14-year stint in various SVP positions at BBC Worldwide.

Cristina Amaya
Latinx in Gaming, President & Co-Founder

Cristina Amaya has about a decade of game industry experience and currently works as a Vice Chair for the IGDA. She is president and co-founder of Latinx in Gaming and has worked at companies such as Twitch, Unity & Google Stadia through Adecco.

Due to their wide global appeal and unique ability to create community, video games and their communities have the power to be platforms for social change. Many are evolving in the moment to drive real-world impact, and inspiring others to harness the world of games to inform, educate, solve, and support. Join us in a roundtable with industry leaders on the creative ways they’re pushing the gaming world to be much more than just fun and play.