Turning Players into Fans and Life-long Customers


Randy Pitchford
Gearbox, Founder

Randy Pitchford is the founder of the Gearbox Entertainment Company. Randy founded then-Gearbox Software in 1999 with a clear mission: to entertain the world. With that mission at the heart of its work, Gearbox has developed iconic titles that have pushed video games forward and brought joy to millions around the world. Randy’s full gameography is as diverse as it is long. Most recently, he served as executive producer for the beloved Borderlands series, which received commercial success and critical acclaim—the most recent being Borderlands 3 in 2019.

In addition to his work on individual games, Randy has been the driving force behind Gearbox’s growth from a small, independent studio into a multinational company of more than 600 employees. In 2015, he helped launch Gearbox Entertainment Company subsidiary Gearbox Publishing, which has worked with both up-and-coming developers and industry leaders. Most recently, Randy guided Gearbox through a $1.3 billion merger with Embracer Group in 2021. The deal gives Pitchford and Gearbox the resources to ramp up their creative output and continue to focus on delivering entertainment to a global audience.

You can find Randy and his half-million-plus followers on Twitter with his handle @DuvalMagic.

Dean Takahashi
GamesBeat, Lead Writer

Connecting and engaging with audiences has become incredibly complicated. Gone are the days of being able to ship a game and be ‘done with it.’ Customer-centric thinking, community development, and the creation of entertainment ecosystems is paramount. Hear from the Founder and CEO of Gearbox Entertainment why Gaming as a Service isn’t for them, how they’re approaching things differently and why transmedia has become a key strategy for success.