Beyond DeFi 1.0

Track 1

Moderator    Connor Sephton, CMC

Panelist    Danny Chong, Co-Founder at Tranchess

Panelist    Hisham Khan, CEO/ Founder at Aldrin

Panelist    Marcus Aurelius, Core Contributor at KlimaDAO

Panelist    Tycho Onash, TrustMachines (Stacks)

DeFi took the world by storm two years ago with the launch of Yearn.Finance. Now, we are already onto the next thing — DeFi 2.0. While not an easy concept to grasp right away, this panel discussion will delve into what DeFi 2.0 looks like right now, the newest innovations in liquidity mining, and how DAOs factor into the DeFi 2.0 landscape.