The Decade of the Data Translator The Decade of the Data Translator

Friday, April 16, 2021

Using Data Science and Analytics Together for Effective Enterprise Cyber Security Decision Making
Sara Saperstein, PhD
Sara Saperstein, PhD
MassMutual, Head of Cybersecurity Analytics and Data Science

Data science and data analytics provide powerful tools for enterprise cyber security but organizations often struggle to leverage them effectively. Two of the major challenges include: where to leverage data science models and how to evaluate their effectiveness. In a domain where it may feel like we're buying elephant repellent in Ohio, combining data science with data analytics can provide the breakthrough we need. This talk will showcase some of the approaches used at MassMutual to assess threats, develop unconventional controls using machine learning models, and evaluate the effectiveness of controls at mitigating the top risks to the organization. This approach enables evidence-based decision making, leading to stronger trust in the cyber security program.