The Decade of the Data Translator The Decade of the Data Translator
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Keynote: The Power of Data Translation

Ray Deiotte
NetApp, Chief Analytics Officer

Ray has spent his 20+ year career developing ground-breaking analytics and data fusion technologies.  His work in systems of systems engineering, machine learning, and machine reasoning helped deliver cutting-edge capabilities to multiple verticals including: DoD and Intelligence, aerospace, healthcare, logistics, cyber, and finance.  Ray has spent his career helping organizations exploit data to achieve strategic outcomes through novel application of technology, process, mathematics, and software.  Ray was integral in developing and deploying data management and AI solutions to discover a novel set of MYC mutations in pancreatic cancer patients that has led to new treatments at TGen and the Mayo Clinic. As Centura Health’s Chief Data Officer, Ray reshaped the data ecosystem at Centura to provide the right information, at the right time, to the right people so that they could make the best possible decisions for Centura’s patients, associates, leadership, and sponsors. At NetApp, Ray provides strategy, thought leadership, and partnership in healthcare and life science verticals to help drive transformation in data, analytics and AI.

Digital transformation is being affected in nearly every industry but accomplishing true transformation requires not only technological advancement but reformation of culture and processes to embrace that transformation. At the core of digital transformation is a shift toward data-driven decisioning and action. The tools and capabilities that are produced by data scientists can be very powerful, but without the data translator, without someone to link projects to business initiatives and strategies, achieving enterprise transformation and AI adoption is impossible.