The Decade of the Data Translator The Decade of the Data Translator
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Zero to Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning with TigerGraph Cloud

Robb Horton
TigerGraph, Senior Sales Engineer

New to Graph Database or to Advanced Analytics? Don’t know how to use it for Machine Learning? No worries! Join this workshop, and we will teach you the concepts of TigerGraph Cloud, graph databases, advanced graph analytics, and machine learning algorithms - all in under 90 minutes.

During this hands-on exercise, you will unveil the value of deep link analytics while performing Ad-Hoc analysis on interconnected datasets. We will cover the schemas, data import, queries, and RESTful application integration.

We will also introduce two new no-code tools - visual query builder and RDBMS to graph migration tool. Through simple clicks and drag-and-drop in the GraphStudio UI, these no-code tools decrease the learning curve for more users, such as relational database developers, data scientists, and business analysts.