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Friday, April 16, 2021

Weaving AI throughout the product experience: from the code to the KPIs
Natalie Berestovsky, PhD
Natalie Berestovsky, PhD, Director of Data Science a leader in the B2B payments technology space. As part of our end-to-end payment solution for small and midsize companies, we strive to bring AI to the forefront of the user experience in order to make it simple to  connect and do business. Designing good AI features and infrastructure is a difficult task and in order to come up with the best product we have to agree and align on what AI means for us as a company and for our clients. In this talk we will explore how AI is perceived differently depending on what one’s role is. For example, for engineers it’s about the algorithm, accuracies and the SLA. For the product team, it’s about the user experience and the KPIs to measure it by, for the front end developers it’s about surfacing AI to the users in an initiative way, and for the leadership team it’s about the effect the AI has on the bottom line for the company. We will examine examples of how an AI feature progresses through its lifecycle and how to achieve the alignment between the groups in order to guarantee the ultimate success!Nature of the presentation: High level/Case study