“From Data to Knowledge”. How the Organization of Data Using LC/NC Can Drastically Reduce the Technical Complexity of Deriving Knowledge From Data.

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Ameen Kazerouni
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Orangetheory Fitness
Wendy Schuchart
Managing Editor, VentureBeat

Imagine a room full of every book ever written stacked in a disorganized pile. Now imagine a library with every book ever written, well organized and maintained. Next, a bookshelf of fantasy novels is sorted by author. Now, a table with the three Lord of the Rings books is laid out. Finally, a book report with all salient details from the series. Your mission is to answer a simple question, “Who is Frodo Baggins?”. Each layer of organization exponentially reduces the complexity and time it takes one individual to answer the exact same question. In this talk, the Chief Data and Analytics Officer of Orangetheory Fitness will walk you through the tools leveraged to create an environment for easy access to information and knowledge from large volumes of unstructured data. Each layer of organization provides low to no tech access to authoritative datasets that drive both governances and creates communities for the creation and sharing of institutional knowledge. He will share insights into how Orangetheory went about designing and building their LC/NC tools, some lessons learned, best practices established and some challenges overcome along the way.