How Daifuku is Using “Citizen Automation” to Transform Their Supply Chain and Drive Innovation Throughout Their Business.

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Giovanni Stone
Vice President Advanced Automation Execution, Daifuku Wynright Corporation

With 17 years of experience in the Material Handling & Supply Chain industry, Gino has championed the use of Quickbase for procurement, manufacturing and project management at Staples, Adidas, and Daifuku.

Jay Jamison
Chief Product & Technology Officer, Quickbase

Jay Jamison is Chief Product & Technology Officer at Quickbase. He joined in September 2017 to lead the overall product strategy and roadmap for the business.

Jay has nearly two decades of experience in the technology industry with a focus on high-growth markets. Throughout his career, he has developed product strategies and roadmaps tailored to meet the needs of customers of all sizes —from small businesses to the world’s largest enterprises.

Prior to joining Quickbase, Jay was the Vice President of Strategy for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Software Defined and Cloud Group, where he was responsible for the business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and partnerships for that organization. Prior to that role, he was the Vice President of Product Marketing for HPE Helion, HPE’s cloud software division. He also has held leadership roles at Microsoft, and built extensive experience founding and investing in many high-growth startups.

Jay holds a Master’s in Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Duke University.

Shuchi Rana

Daifuku, the world’s largest material handling company,  utilizes “Citizen Automation” to manage their massive supply chain within the Robotics division resulting in $100k+ savings to the business.  Quickbase, a no code platform for operational agility, is the technology they use to support citizen automation in their business.

Prior to Quickbase, they were tracking 3,000 parts in their supply chain in spreadsheets -   it was not efficient and there was no collaboration. Now, they've created an entire MRP in Quickbase to ensure their entire supply chain was being tracked, from the point of his engineers creating a bill of material, all the way through the purchasing cycle, and assembly cycle. Everything within the Robotics division is fully customized so having an agile and flexible solution was essential. All of this was developed to create a better sense of what was being ordered, received, built, and shipped from their facility. This allowed the team full visibility and reporting of our purchasing and manufacturing processes. 

Now, the company is planning to scale that application up for the entire organization so they can keep track of everything that's coming through the supply chain.  

Hear from Giovanni Stone, VP advanced automation executive of Daifuku’s American subsidiary Wynright Corporation, who will be joined by Quickbase CPTO, Jay Jamison to talk about how the growing practice of citizen automation and development does not need to be ‘shadow IT’ but a practice that strengthens the relationship between the business and core IT around digital transformation.