How Innovations in Coding Methods are Accelerating AI Adoption: 5 Things Technical Decision Makers Need to Know.

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Dr. Melvin Greer
Chief Data Scientist, Intel
Noelle Silver
CEO, AI Leadership Institute

Noelle Silver is an AI evangelist and futurist. She is a multi-award-winning technologist who specializes in cloud computing, digital transformation, Applied AI, and Responsible AI Practices. She has also helped hundreds of brands develop strategies for voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa. 

She is passionate about Mindful Leadership, authentic personal branding, and the ethical and responsible use of technology. She has spent many years as a leader, trainer, and evangelist for companies like IBM/RedHat, VMWare, NPR, and Amazon. She is the host of “The AI Manifesto” and the “LOVEfluencers” Podcasts and the founder and CEO of the AI Leadership Institute. She has taught thousands of people the value and importance of digital transformation and mindful leadership and has delivered keynotes, workshops, and conferences around the world.

Applying software to business use cases makes AI real. Despite large investment, AI adoption faces key challenges like workforce and talent, security, bias, and management of technical debt. Innovation in coding methods however is having a material impact and is helping to accelerate an organization's ability to overcome these key challenges. Join Melvin Greer, Chief Data Scientist, Intel Corporation as he shares industry case studies and details how organizations innovating with Low-code/No-code software development approaches are able to differentiate on consumer experience, provide real-time, event-driven, personalized experiences and successfully exceed AI product/service expectations.