How Mondelez International uses low code tech from DronaHQ for sales enablement at speed, across geographies

- PDT 9
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Jinen Dedhia
Co-Founder & MD, DronaHQ
Andrew Scott
Global Solutions Owner - Perfect Store & Sales Capability, Mondelez International
Shuchi Rana

Have to build internal tools for operations or sales enablement in a couple week's time? Worry not.  Low code platforms can help you build enterprise grade tools at phenomenal speed. How Mondelez, a 26 Bn USD corporation uses DronaHQ to build internal tools for its global sales force for building sales capability as well as sales tools at breakneck speed. 

Andrew Scott, Global Solutions Owner at Mondelez International and Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder of DronaHQ will discuss the ins and outs of rolling out various applications at speed using low-code tech. For instance sales enablement, onboarding, employee well-being and more, challenges faced, lessons learned, and ROI generated from these case studies.