How the World's Largest Staffing Company 'Randstad' Generated 1000% ROI by Streamlining Risk and Safety Processes Using a No Code Platform.


Trey Braden
Director of Risk Management, Randstad

Trey Braden has been part of the Randstad Risk Management team for the last 20 years. He is a certified CPA, BS in Accounting from the University of KY, and currently pursuing an MS in Computer Science. A technogeek and computer science enthusiast, Trey has played a variety of roles in Randstad that spans from managing to account to managing databases. He strongly believes in using technologies to streamline operational processes and improve overall efficiency. When not at work, Trey can be found encamped in his basement writing code and experimenting with ideas.

Pankaj 'Romy' Malviya
Founder & CEO, Pulpstream
Hayley Haggarty
GM of Events, VentureBeat

Having a workplace incident is the last thing that any employer wants to have on their watch, but having an inefficient and inflexible way to manage your incident and claims process only makes the situation more stressful for everyone. Not to mention the time and money spent manually managing each step. In this session, we will discuss how Randstad streamlined its risk and safety processes using the power of the Pulpstream No Code platform. Randstad recouped hours that were lost in broken processes, disconnected systems, and manual interventions and in that process generated a return of 1000% in their investments.

Join Pankaj 'Romy' Malviya - Founder & CEO of Pulpstream and Trey Breden, Director of Risk Management at Randstad as they dive into the implementation of their No Code solution and share some lessons learned, challenges faced, and best practices established in this journey.