How Zapier Uses Airtable to Transform Product Development & Deliver Great Customer Experiences.

- PDT 6
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Andrew Ofstad
Co-Founder, Airtable

Andrew spearheads Airtable’s long-term product bets and represents the voice of the customer in major product decisions. After co-founding the company, he helped scale Airtable’s original product and engineering teams. He previously led the redesign of Google's flagship Maps product, and before that was a product manager for Android.

Chris Geoghegan
Director of Product Management, Zapier
Wendy Schuchart
Managing Editor, VentureBeat

Zapier, the popular automation tool that allows teams to connect their apps and automate workflows, is obsessed with streamlining complex workflows and disparate tools that comprise the contemporary IT stack. When it comes to customer-facing programs, either capturing feedback for products, conducting customer interviews, or helping to build a customer success dashboard, the Zapier team uses Airtable to gather and organize all the information they need to get a comprehensive view of their projects and customers. By using Airtable in conjunction with their own tool, the Zapier team is able to automate repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters: developing a great product and helping their customers have amazing experiences.

Zapier product manager Chris Geoghegan will share how he uses Airtable to streamline the process of conducting customer interviews to help guide feature development and how Airtable has become one source of truth for everything the Zapier team needs to keep track of without having to duplicate in multiple places. Airtable co-founder Andrew Ofstad will discuss how using Airtable and Zapier together unleashes the promise of low code for creators and how low code platforms enable anyone to build the tools they need to customize workflows, build collaborative apps, and achieve ambitious outcomes.