Low-Code/No-Code: Democratized Development or Shadow IT on Steroids?

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Tom Davenport
Visiting Professor, University of Oxford
Cindi Howson
Chief Data Strategy Officer, ThoughtSpot

Cindi Howson is the Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data  Chief podcast. Cindi is an analytics and BI thought leader and expert with a flair for bridging business needs with technology. As Chief Data Strategy Officer at  ThoughtSpot, she advises top clients on data strategy and best practices to becoming data-driven, influences ThoughtSpot’s product strategy, and is the host of The Data  Chief podcast. 

Cindi was previously a Gartner research Vice President, as the lead author for the data and analytics maturity model and analytics and BI Magic Quadrant,  and a popular keynote speaker. She introduced new research in data and AI for good,  NLP/BI Search, and augmented analytics and brought both the BI bake-offs and innovation panels to Gartner globally. She’s rated a top 12 influencer in big data and analytics by Onalytca, Solutions Review, and Humans of Data. 

Prior to joining Gartner,  she was the founder of BI Scorecard, a resource for in-depth product reviews based on exclusive hands-on testing, a contributor to Information Week, and the author of several books, including Successful Business Intelligence: Unlock the Value of BI & Big Data and SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0: The Complete Reference. She served as The Data  Warehousing Institute (TDWI) faculty member for more than a decade. Prior to founding  BI Scorecard, Howson was a manager at Deloitte & Touche and a global BI standards leader for Dow Chemical. She has an MBA from Rice University.

Low-code and no-code platforms promise to democratize software development, accelerate app creation, and enable powerful technologies such as analytics and AI for front-line decision-makers.  While this agility sounds great for business, it poses challenges for technical managers facing a loss of control, shift in skillsets, and rapidly changing technical landscape. How do large enterprises navigate this shift? What’s the threat from more nimble competitors able to better embrace low-code?  Join this fireside chat to hear the latest trends and best practices for embracing the good and avoiding the pitfalls when starting out of your low-code journey.