The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020
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Earth Day Every Day: Empowering the Public to Understand Threats to Oceans and Air

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Nancy Majower is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for NOAA Fisheries.  The NOAA Fisheries Office of the CIO works closely with program offices to enable mission activities.   Prior to joining the Government she worked as a contractor for IT service consulting firms in the Washington DC area.  Nancy received a Bachelor's degree and a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland

Jenna Jambeck
University of Georgia, Distinguished Professor and National Geographic Fellow

Dr. Jenna Jambeck is a Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia and a National Geographic Fellow. She has been conducting research on solid waste issues for 24 years with related projects on marine debris for 19 years. Her work on plastic waste inputs into the ocean has been recognized by the global community and translated into policy discussions in the US as well as around the world where she has worked with the US State Department on public environmental diplomacy in 13 different countries. She co-developed the citizen science program and mobile app, Marine Debris Tracker, where people report litter/debris in the environment daily, tens of thousands of people have logged over 3 million items globally.

Siddharth Muchhal
Georgetown University, Student
Elizabeth Nguyen
Georgetown Beeck Center, Student
Naveen Narayanan Meyyappan
Rutgers University, Graduate Student
Keith VanGraafeiland
Esri, Principal Product Engineer

Keith is a Product Engineer at Esri. He serves as the Ocean Curator for the Living Atlas of the World team. Keith works to create foundational layers that can help marine researchers, scientists, and others gain a better understanding of our oceans.

Kunal Sawarkar
IBM, Principal Data Scientist

Principal Data Scientist & AI thought leader for IBM's Data Science Elite Team. Master's Degree from Harvard University with major coursework in Applied Statistics. Applying Machine Learning R&D methods with innovation for 14+ years to solve some of the most complex problems in industry & society. Very focused on expanding horizons in the machine learning research community with 20+ patents & papers in Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning. When not diving into data, loves to do rock climbing & flying planes apart from acute interest in Astronomy & wildlife conservation. Believer in Humanizing machines to stop mechanization of humans!

Sruti Modekurty
OpenAQ, Platform Lead

Sruti Modekurty has a wide background in engineering, from robotics to data visualization to mobile apps. She was previously an Engineering Fellow at Blue Ridge Labs, working on tech-enabled solutions for New Yorkers facing housing instability. She is active in the NYC civic tech community and as a former hackNY fellow and mentor, helped start and lead its tech for social good initiatives. She has a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. In her free time, she likes to read, sing and explore new places.

Chace Paulson
American University, MS Data Science
Sukhmeet Bedi
Rutgers Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy, Student

As stewards of the Earth, we have an obligation to limit our negative impacts on the ecosystems we inhabit. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of how our decisions and actions affect the planet. In this session, hear from environmental advocates as they describe how public information tools can foster environmental stewardship, and from technologists as they share the digital products they've created to reduce ocean plastic pollution and help the public understand the effects of transportation emissions.  Featuring lightning talks by Esri, IBM, OpenAQ, Georgetown, Rutgers, and American University.

Co-hosted by NOAA