The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020
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Friends of Data: Lessons From the Best in Industry on the Value of Data Curation with Redfin & SAP

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Batool Hussain
SAP, Head of Americas Sustainability Services

Batool Hussain leads client delivery and execution for the sustainability venture at SAP where she works with clients to address their sustainability challenges, aligning these to the overall client strategy. She has worked on circular economy transition initiatives with clients across different industries, including consumer goods & packaging, fashion retail, and chemical.

Batool holds and Executive MBA for City University of New York and a Master’s in International Relations from Harvard. She is a CrossFit and yoga enthusiast. She has worked with refugees in Greece and supports programs in the NY community toward rebuilding and empowering survivors of domestic violence.

Taylor Marr
Redfin, Lead Economist

Taylor is a lead economist, data scientist, and visualization whiz on the research team at Redfin. He is passionate about urban planning and housing policy. Taylor went to graduate school for economics in Berlin, where he focused on behavioral economics and the housing market crash.

Phil Ashlock GSA, Director, Data and Analytics Portfolio

Spotify serves you up the weekly discover playlist of your dreams, Netflix is in your head about exactly what you want to watch… how do all these tools in our pocket curate the perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) information for us?  Join us to learn from industries trailblazing data curation to understand what it is, why it’s important, and how curating federal data can help the nation.  Warning: this is NOT a panel with federal agency CDOs!  Prepare for enlightening and novel thoughts from the data leaders you don’t hear about all the time.  We’ll also feature the Data Curation Hub, TOP’s answer to what we do about curating federal open data for end users. 

Featuring speakers from Redfin and SAP, moderated by Phil Ashlock of