The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020
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Igniting Civic Tech Innovation for the Next Generation

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Andreen Soley
New America, Director, Public Interest Technology (PIT) University Network

Andreen Soley is director of the Public Interest Technology (PIT) University Network at New America. In 2018, Soley joined New America after twenty years of experience working within higher education and the nonprofit sector. Prior to joining New America, she had been working with Mount Saint Mary’s University to develop a university-wide process to track, monitor, and report on the employment outcomes of its graduate alumni.

She has a master’s in media ecology from New York University and wants to help technologists transform the world for the better.

Nicole Clark
Youth Mappers, TOP product developer

Present Senior at Villanova University studying Geography and Economics. Aspiring Urban Planner with a passion for human centric design. 

Ivan Stoykov
George Mason University, Student

Born in Bulgaria, Ivan is a senior Data Science major at George Mason University, interested in using data to tell a story, and create tools that will benefit people and the environment. 

Lucas Chu
Harvard IOP STEAM Team, Lead

Lucas is a German-born Taiwanese sophomore studying economics and statistics at Harvard. Lucas has assisted research at the Harvard Business School, Kennedy School, Center for Geographic Analysis, metaLAB, and Opportunity Insights, where he helped write a paper covered on the front page of the New York Times, Washington Post, and NPR. Lucas founded Erevna, an intercollegiate nonprofit of 10 initiatives with over a dozen organizers and a thousand students reached each. In his free time, he loves making card games, playing board games, meeting new people, nonprofits, tutoring, 3D printing, and origami.

What inspires students to use their tech skills for social good? What are the biggest barriers to pursuing a career in civic technology, and do higher education institutions have an obligation to address them? Join us to hear from Harvard, George Mason and Villanova students who participated in the inaugural TOP University Sprint  through a panel moderated by Andreen Soley, Director of New America’s Public Interest Technology University Network.