The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020

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Learn with TOP: Demystifying Data to help respond to COVID-19


Interested in learning a new skill or two? Join us for a workshop that will help you walk away with tangible skills you can bring back to your work or team. This intro level workshop follows the belief that tech and design are for EVERYONE!

Co-hosted by Census Academy + Mapbox

Have you ever wondered how to utilize open data but weren't sure where to begin? Do you feel like you don't have the skills to be a "data person"? We're here to tell you that data is for everyone, and help you build the skills and confidence to believe it!  This workshop will cover intro level skills in finding and using open data, and will help demystify terms, processes, and even tools that help you understand data. Attendees will use TOP's Data Curation Hub to find data sources relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, and  walk away with a tangible skill that can help you understand how to use and pull insights from open data.