The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020

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Lessons from 5 Years of TOP: An Open Conversation About the State of Our Innovation Ecosystem


It’s been 5 years since the launch of TOP:  What have we learned? As we cross the finish line of our 12th sprint cycle, with nearly 150 products completed, we’re realizing more than ever what TOP is really about: Changing the way government employees think about collaboration and innovating with data. Changing the way the public thinks about the government’s capacity to support them.  Improving data quality by opening up conversations with end users. And so much more. In this transparent conversation with some of our most respected innovation colleagues, we’ll dig into the lasting impacts of TOP and other programs, the remaining challenges of sustaining these efforts, and what new innovation leaders and career civil servants should take away.  Featuring speakers from 10x, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Partnership for Public Service and The Opportunity Project.