The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020

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Veterans Voices + Tech to Support Mental Health with Writer/Designer/Advocate Ben Sledge


When WWII veterans served, they made up 11% of the US population… today, in the midst of our longest running conflicts, it’s less than 1%. What burden has that placed on our vets, especially when many are not truly heard about what they’ve seen and experienced? With an average 22 veterans lost by suicide per day, there is clearly work to do, and today’s tech and services may not be cutting it.  Hear from writer, veteran, advocate, designer, and general truth speaker Ben Sledge about his story and the conversations we need to have.  Featuring a TED-style talk by Ben and a fireside chat between veterans about their collective experiences and how technology and The Opportunity Project community can support.