The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020 The Opportunity Project Demo Week 2020

Human-Centered Design

Friday, December 11, 2020

Opening Keynote: Building Technology Worthy of Humanity with Aden Van Noppen
Aden Van Noppen
Aden Van Noppen
Mobius, Founder and Executive Director

After 2 packed afternoons of keynotes, lightning talks, and live demos on everything from stewarding our planet to putting the civics back in civic tech, Day 3 will focus on enabling our community to learn and grow.  

Don’t miss the opening keynote by Aden Van Noppen, the Executive Director of Mobius, that will captivate and ground us.  With the significant influence that technology has over our lives, it is more important than ever to prioritize human wellbeing and examine technology’s role in fostering or impairing our own individual and collective  balance and health. Fueled by a deep passion to serve, Aden was a Senior Advisor to the US Chief Technology Officer at the White House, and was also the Co-Founder of The Opportunity Project. As Demo Week looks to the future on Day 3, how will we apply  what we’ve learned to serve more holistically with technology? Join us for an opportunity to learn about what work has been done to strengthen a spiritually healthy relationship with tech within organizations and imagine what is possible for the future. Featuring a live collective visualization. 

Veterans Voices + Tech to Support Mental Health with Writer/Designer/Advocate Ben Sledge

When WWII veterans served, they made up 11% of the US population… today, in the midst of our longest running conflicts, it’s less than 1%. What burden has that placed on our vets, especially when many are not truly heard about what they’ve seen and experienced? With an average 22 veterans lost by suicide per day, there is clearly work to do, and today’s tech and services may not be cutting it.  Hear from writer, veteran, advocate, designer, and general truth speaker Ben Sledge about his story and the conversations we need to have.  Featuring a TED-style talk by Ben and a fireside chat between veterans about their collective experiences and how technology and The Opportunity Project community can support.

Friends of Data: Lessons From the Best in Industry on the Value of Data Curation

Spotify serves you up the weekly discover playlist of your dreams, Netflix is in your head about exactly what you want to watch… how do all these tools in our pocket curate the perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) information for us?  Join us to learn from industries trailblazing data curation to understand what it is, why it’s important, and how curating federal data can help the nation.  Warning: this is NOT a panel with federal agency CDOs!  Prepare for enlightening and novel thoughts from the data leaders you don’t hear about all the time.  We’ll also feature the Data Curation Hub, TOP’s answer to what we do about curating federal open data for end users. Featuring speakers from Redfin, SAP, and more. 

Learn with TOP: Human Centered Design for Public Servants (of any kind!)

Interested in learning a new skill or two? Join us for a workshop that will help you walk away with tangible skills you can bring back to your work or team. This intro level workshop follows the belief that tech and design are for EVERYONE!

Co-hosted by DotGov Design / AIGA

How can government adopt design methodologies to become more efficient, modern, and user-friendly?  This workshop will cover basic methods of human centered design, including topics like user research, ideation, and storytelling, and showcase how these methods can be applied within government to improve the way we work. This workshop is for anyone working inside, with, or for government agencies at the federal, state, local, or tribal levels, or anyone interested in applying design to civic tech!