Module 2: Methods and Models for Evaluating Energy Storage Investment


This module demonstrates how to evaluate storage in different use cases & market settings. It is designed for analysts who are responsible for executing studies to determine the value of alternative resource options – including storage – using state of the art analytic tools.

The versatility and flexibility of storage assets in operation make asset valuation and optimization sophisticated. Analysts need to track both energy flows (charging/discharging) and stocks (state of charge) to characterize battery operation and to devise behavioral algorithms to estimate value streams.   Modeling intertemporal optimization under uncertainty requires a rich set of tools to analyze the financial impact of storage technologies.

Learning Objectives:  Attendees will review the entire tool kit necessary to determine the value of storage across various use cases, such as: contributing to resource adequacy; providing energy or ancillary services in wholesale markets; complementing or substituting for transmission and distribution investments; and managing load for both end-user and grid impacts.