Module 3: Procurement Processes and Transactions


This module describes how to translate storage options selected in a planning exercise into actual storage investments. It is designed for procurement officials, risk management officers, and legal staff.

Once analyzed and incorporated into investment plans, deploying storage requires a process with many steps: developing specifications; issuing RFPs; negotiating agreements for construction, finance, insurance operations & maintenance and decommissioning; and creating mechanisms for compensating asset owners for the value that storage provides.  Because many entities are procuring storage or storage services for the first time, success requires an understanding of opportunities, risks, and emerging best practices.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will understand procurement processes, from both the customer (e.g., utility) side as well as the developer perspective; examine RFPs and development processes; review best practices for construction and operation contracts; explore innovative contractual alternatives to ownership; and learn how to build in end-of-life responsibilities.