Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

You’re Necessary and Next: How a Brief History of Everything Will Inspire You to Think Big and Take Action
Tim Schuster
Tim Schuster
Popup Think Tank, Founder

One of the most exciting discoveries of the last 100 years is the emerging, data-driven research on how people grow and adapt to changing conditions. We are in the midst of massive, economic and cultural changes unlike anything we've seen before. This session is for Founders - and their advisors, teams, consultants, and investors. From marketing and innovation to strategic leadership and decision-making, without these paradigms and frameworks, we are at risk of creating things built for yesterday, not tomorrow. Join us to learn why all of this is good news for your startup, career, community, family, and life. We'll build and “unfold” the model in the room, discuss it, and then integrate everything with what we already know, exploring the multitude of ways that we can apply it to our contexts. Along the way, expect to contribute and discover new ideas, as well as meet the kind of people who come to workshops like this. Tim Schuster is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is Co-Founder of LegalQ and Founder of Popup Think Tank.