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AI in Healthcare

Lucian Moldovan
Cardamons, CEO

Lucian Moldovan, Chief Executive Officer, leads Cardamons's long-term vision and guides the operational excellence that is demanded by their world-class customers. His deep experience in ai technology, and how it’s leveraged by businesses, has been valued by large and small companies around the world. Most recently, Lucian dedicated significant time to the application of ai solutions to manufacturing, banking and fin-tech industries, leveraging IBM Partnership for Watson’s artificial intelligence Expert Labs.

With over a dozen years of experience in business technology, Lucian is an expert in his field, bringing global access to contacts, processes, and strong leadership.
Life in Romania and Italy, where Lucian lived until the end of his college years gave him a front-row seat to socio-political change, and decided to charge forward with all of the opportunities which presented themselves.

As a result of his rich life path, he has a very inclusive outlook and hence leads differently. Lucian draws out the best ideas from his clients and staff by being continuously curious, and never afraid to ask: why, how, when, and what-if. Customers benefit from his street-savvy, no-nonsense dialogue, resulting in efficient, practical, actionable solutions. His proven leadership style isn’t something he turns on and off, it’s who he is: genuine, reliable, and always accountable.

Madhulika Srikanth
TE Connectivity, R&D Manager

Dr. Madhulika Srikanth is an R&D Manager at TE Connectivity and leads a team that prototypes and develops interventional medical devices. Interventional devices are therapeutic or diagnostic catheters that are involved in minimally invasive surgeries. She holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with her thesis in Biomedical Application of Nanomaterials from Wichita State University and has been with TE for 6 years.

The main focus for AI applications in healthcare has been towards Diagnostic & Treatment, or Patient care. Ai is making a real impact in other areas of healthcare with a huge impact on the bottom line for companies that think outside the box. We will look at the medical device Manufacturers - how can Ai make their manufacturing data Readable, Searchable and Analyze-able? An educational panel showcasing the power of Ai in the medical manufacturing field