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Breaking Into Tech Panel Discussion

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Ayaan Dahir
Software for Good, Human-Centered Designer

Ayaan Dahir is a designer and community organizer based in the Twin Cities. She's worked on solutions for government, nonprofits, and private enterprises. Ayaan is a strong believer of empathy-first design and out of the box problem solving. She is a writer and is debuting her book, Daughters of Arraweelo, in November with the Minnesota Historical Society. Ayaan has a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Peter Dang
Ivanti, Associate Software Engineer

Before my current role as a software engineer at Ivanti, I was a chemist for 2 years after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a bachelors in Biochemistry. While working in a lab was great, I decided to pursue my passion for coding by enrolling myself in a Full-stack program at Prime Digital Academy where it helped me make that transition into tech. Nowadays, I found myself being in the right position to grow as a problem solver, a learner and someone that loves to have the perfect work/life balance.

Roxanne Klemm
Best Buy, Product Experience Researcher

Roxy Klemm is a former service industry professional who’s passion is helping people. Roxy quickly learned that much of what she loved about working as a Server and Manager was improving the guest and employee experience. Roxy attended Prime Digital Academy’s User Experience (UX) Design program, graduating in 2018 and is now a UX Researcher at Best Buy focusing on digital consumer experiences.

Awren Nuit
Media Junction, Full Stack Developer

Awren is a puzzle-loving Software Engineer from a non-traditional background.  She loves turning complex concepts and wild ideas into tangible things.  Her other interests include gardening & herbalism, creating music (or anything really), DEI, and guinea pigs.

Jayden Thunberg
Dispatch, Jr. Data Scientist

Jayden is passionate about people and problem solving, she has spent a majority of her life advocating for people. When faced with a problem she is eager to find a solution, whether it is related to business growth or on a personal level. Always looking to create a positive impact for all, it makes sense that alongside her everyday work she is the Chair of the Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee at her company.

Looking for a possible career change? Want to know how to break into the tech industry? Join this panel for a discussion on how they did just that and landed their dream job! We guarantee you'll walk away feeling inspired!