Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Building & Scaling Your Community

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Jenna Pederson
AWS, Senior Developer Advocate

Jenna Pederson is a software engineer turned Developer Advocate for Amazon Web Services.  She works to empower developers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to bring their idea to life through technology. Jenna is a community builder at heart and is passionate about making space for more underrepresented folks in tech and entrepreneurship to come as their full selves. She is a proud Co-founder Emeritus of Hack the Gap and serves on the Minnestar Board of Directors.

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Mark Birch
AWS, Principal Startup Advocate

Mark is a community builder, software entrepreneur, and startup advisor. He currently works at AWS as a Principal Startup Advocate helping founders build, grow & scale on AWS. As a community builder, Mark wrote Community-in-a-Box to share lessons learned from his time at Stack Overflow and his own community efforts founding DEVBIZOPS and the Enterprise Sales Forum, a global community of 25,000 B2B sales professionals.

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From the early days of the Web, Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) to social networks, meetups, and open source software, community is a way to build an authentic connection with your customers, provide support, gather product feedback, and scale. Join us for an AMA-style session to learn more about what it takes to build a community around your product, why you should be thinking strategically about one, and how to get started.