Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Challenges of Building a Developer Tools Startup

Marc Grabanski
Frontend Masters, CEO
Mark Gritter
Akita Software, Founding Engineer

Currently working on API observability at Akita Software. Previous worked on the Vault team at HashiCorp, and co-founded storage startup Tintri.

Todd Gardner
TrackJS, President

Todd Gardner is a software entrepreneur who has built multiple profitable products. He believes that old technology is often better than new, advocating for simple design and balancing complexity with risk. He is the cofounder of TrackJS and Request Metrics, where he helps thousands of developers build faster and more reliable websites. He also hosts PubConf variety show and the Script&Style podcast.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Touca, Founder, CEO

Building Touca to help software engineers see the side-effects of their code changes as they write code. Interested in problems related to the design and maintenance of software at scale and over time.

Donnie Berkholz
Percona, SVP, Product Management

Product & technology platform leader — currently SVP Product Management at Percona, the unbiased open source database experts. Prior roles include VP Products at Docker, EIR at Scale Venture Partners, tech VP at travel-tech leader CWT, open-source leader & developer at Gentoo, and industry analyst at 451 Research and RedMonk.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with experienced founders and founding engineers of successful Developer Tools startups like TrackJS, Frontend Masters, Akita Software, and Touca. We will speak about common challenges of building products for software developers, ranging from marketing and sales to product development. We will share our experiences and offer our vision for the future of software development.