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Coffee & Closers: How to Land your Next 3 Customers

Mickeli Bedore
Closers Media, Chief Revenue Officer

Mickeli is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Closers Media, where he helps implement & teach a conversion to close [virtual] sales system that helps B2B focused founders & professional service companies close more revenue & grow.

In addition, he hosts Coffee&Closers, the largest independently produced Sales show in the Midwest where once a month, 150+ professionals, founders, sales executives, investors and more gather for this live recorded experience to receive tips on what works to successfully grow revenue.

Tim Bornholdt
The Jed Mahonis Group, Partner

Tim Bornholdt is an entrepreneur, software developer, and podcaster.

As co-founder and partner at The Jed Mahonis Group, he works with businesses who need technical expertise in improving their business processes and increasing their bottom line through automation and custom mobile software.

As a software developer, he specializes in delivering custom mobile software with an emphasis on the back end. He still dabbles in Ruby on Rails and SwiftUI, but mostly focuses on strategy, architecture, and user experience design these days.

As a podcaster, he hosts a show called Constant Variables that explains how mobile app development works to people who don't like technical jargon.

Dick Polipnick
Online Growth Systems, Chief Growth Officer

Dick Polipnick is the Founder of Online Growth Systems and Host of The Dick Polipnick Show. The National Federation of Independent Business named him a top “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”, Minne Inno named him on “Minne Inno Under 25”, AdFed listed him on “32 Under 32”, and he’s been featured on and collaborated with, Nickelodeon Studios, World Wide Fund for Nature, Founders Live, Clean Energy Resource, and more.

As a founder, whether you are funded or self-funded, the pressure to bring in new customers consistently can cause a ton of stress. And as an investor, to see a return, your portfolio has to have companies that excel at selling.

We'll cover ways to create consistent sales opportunities that not only make your investors happy but also give you the confidence and capital needed to build your vision.

Featuring perspectives from Founders, Investors, & Closer's Sales Guru Mickeli Bedore, you will walk away with tangible knowledge you can put to work immediately.

See you there!